We are a Christian liberal arts school in Denton, Texas.  Employing the philosophy and method of Charlotte Mason, we pursue transformation of the heart through tradition, beauty, and joy. 


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"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts."

--C. S. Lewis

The High School 2019-2020

We are offering a full curriculum for high school students (approximately aged 13-17 by August 15) meeting Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30-3:15.  At home assignments include reading, writing, and mathematics.  The weekdays off from class should be used for studying, pursuing personal interests, physical exercise, or earning skills at a paid job.   

Tuition for The High School Core $3400 includes the following:

Spiritual Formation:

The Saint George School's program of Spiritual Formation includes daily prayer, singing of traditional hymns, the study of the Bible, and weekly chapel.    

Humanities: The British World

This class fulfills the requirements for a literature and history class as we explore the literature and documents that shaped the British tradition.  Reading will be deep and rich as we explore the ideas that have shaped Western Civilization.  Literary texts include works such as Beowulf, Hamlet, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Great Expectations.  Historical texts include a volume of A History of the English Speaking Peoples. 


Mathematics: Algebra II or other appropriate course

Students study algebra II with our math specialist.  More math options can be made possible.  Talk with us so we can work with your needs. 


This class prepares students for college level writing by training students to write a formal academic multiple-source thesis according to the standard and style guidelines of MLA.  In addition, attention is paid to the standard conventions of grammar and punctuation, author's voice, and rhetorical devices, so papers are correct, appropriate, and elegant.  All students will complete a research paper using data bases to access peer reviewed journals. Expectations concerning the length of the paper and the number of resources required will vary based on the age of the students. 

Science: Biology

This class concerns itself with questions such as "Why is life construed thus?"


Students participate in the school choir, learning the Sol-fa method of singing.   

Additional Elective


The Life of the School:

High school students participate in all school wide (K-12) events including Grandparents' Day (an opportunity for singing), Christmas Corralling (an opportunity to reach out into the community), Rabbie Burns Day (an opportunity to recite poetry and learn folk dancing), The Feast of Saint George (an opportunity for making public speeches on virtue), and The Shakespeare Festival.

Additional classes that can be added:

Foreign Language:

Latin will be offered through our enrichment programs for those interested.  

Performing Arts: The Children's Shakespeare Academy

Recommended for students 9-18

The Shakespeare Academy does shows year round through our Enrichment Program. 

Each student will get a part in a production of play by William Shakespeare.  Students learn the basics of acting, working in a cast, and the meaning of Shakespeare.  With stage, sets, and costumes, the final performance is a night to remember! 

What Should a High School Do?

An informal survey is likely to reveal that most people are not "using" their college degrees in the way they expected.  Few people, except for traditional professions such as lawyers and doctors, can say that their degree pointed to their current career path.  

When preparing children for their adult lives, no parents can predict their children's future occupations.  In fact, in some cases, today's children's careers may not even be invented yet.  If these assumptions are accurate, then what should a high school do to prepare a child for life?

It should provide a generous liberal arts education that teaches students to have a relationship with a wide range of ideas from a variety of disciplines; it should teach them how to read, think, write, and speak; it should train them in the good habits that make life full; it should form their loves so that they treasure the best and shun the worst; it should also give them opportunities to try their hands at employment.  Most important of all, it should nurture spiritually deep people who exercise their poetic imaginations with the aim of obtaining wisdom. 

All of this can be accomplished through a truly liberal arts education, the traditional kind of education for the free soul.  A liberal education should prepare a person to be, think, and do what is True, Good, and Beautiful when leisure is available.  We are not what we do, but we do pour who we are into all of our thoughts and actions.


Studying Great Books and mathematics is a part of that education, but so is having conversations with teachers and other students, thinking and speaking, writing and creating.  Children are persons and best encounter the world side by side in relationship with mentors and peers, rather than in relationship with screens.

Will a liberal arts education help a student get good SAT scores?  Will it help a child get into a college and have a career?  Yes, since a liberal arts education seeks to study the best of our heritage, but if we truly understand a liberal arts education, we should also acknowledge that SAT and college admission are peripheral outcomes.  Our greatest care ought to be directed at forming whole people, at educating the heart.


Early Bird Enrollment for K-12, 2019-2020 Academic Year at Saint George School will be open January 15th-March 31st.  


Enrollment Fee will be waived for those who enroll during this window of time. 

If you are interested in enrolling your children at Saint George School, see the following steps:

1. Set an Appointment. Contact Benjamin Lyda, the headmaster, and make an appointment to meet, see the school, and find out if Saint George School is a good fit for your family. 

2. Print the Registration Form.  Fill out the form and mail it along with your first payment.  Click here to download this document. 

K-8th Grade: 3 Days a Week            $5400

High School: 2 Days a Week            $3400

A 12 month payment plan is an option if you make your first payment by May 15th. 

A discount for multiple children is available.